Candy Shoppe Cookies

Start with your favorite cookie base then select any of your favorite candies to add to the batter. We will add one full cup of candy bits to each batch of cookies you order. You may choose any number of different candies, however, we recommend no more than three varieties (more tends to overwhelm the cookies and the flavors become confusing). You may also mix and match candies with traditional cookie chips if you wish.

Shown in photos:

Candy Shoppe Cookies with traditional base, Oreo cookie and Twix bits in small, medium and large sizes. Sample of some available candies.

Cookie Bases:


Let us know which candies you would like to add to your cookies. If we cannot locate a particular item, we will let you know, otherwise there are no limitations.


(Note: if there are specific chips that are not mentioned which you would like to add, please let us know, we will do our best to locate them for your order)

$ 8.00 per batch (approximately 8 large, 16 regular or 32 mini cookies)

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